All payments must be made directly to shortlet rentals. This includes extension of dates where applicable. As a guest, you do not incur any fees for paying via the platform so we encourage you to always make payments to Shortlet rentals and never directly to the host

As a guest, you earn cash points for every night booked which can be used to get discounts or free nights. All your bookings are stored in your account

Shortlet rentals frowns at any host and guest making payments directly and any host caught in the act will have their account deactivated.

We encourage every host to refer the guest back to the platform to make their bookings if they need to extend their stay at your property. you can easily provide them the link to your property to make the process easier for the guest.

You can also contact the customer support if you need an help

We trust that everyone using our platform will do the right thing and hold one another accountable to do the right thing where needed.